Custom Photo Booths

That's right!  We offer many different options to make the photo booth your own!   From weddings to corporate events we can customize almost EVERYTHING!  We can make your photo booth pop with wedding monograms, corporate designs and brand logos. 

Our customizable logos and backgrounds on photo strips are an even better way tol ensure your guests or clients don't forget who let them experience the joy of a photo booth!  We can even help you make it seem as if your guests or clients are taking photos at exotic destinations or in front of inventive backgrounds. 

Our customizations will be sure to draw in a ton of attraction and create one of a kind memories for a lifetime.

  • Custom Exterior Wrapping - make the exterior of the photo booth unique to your event and your event alone!
  • Customizable Logos on each photo strip
  • Personalized Scrapbooks
  • Personalized Thank you notes w/ your photo strip! 
  • Custom Backgrounds
  • Custom Photo Slideshow
  • Personalized Frames
  • Custom Green Screen Backgrounds 

Customizable Logo


A Customizable Logo on your photo strip lets you personalize your photos! 

Logos let guests leave with a token that will always remind them of your special night and event guests leave with great memories with your brand name attached. 

Customizable logos ensure that your guests will never forget who let them experience the fun of a photo booth!

 Custom Green Screen Photography.

Custom Green Screen Backgrounds

With Custom Green Screen Backgrounds you can create backgrounds that fit the theme of your event!  Having a Hawaiian themed part?  We can create a background for that!  Great for adding extra fun to a party or making your theme that much more impressionable! 

Green Screen Backgrounds are great at corporate events!  With our technology we can make your employees feel like they are worlds away when they take a photo and we insert the background of your liking!  There is no better way to let employees blow off some steam then taking goofy and fun photos in front of a green screen! 

More information on green screen photography can be found HERE. 

Custom Photo Booth Backgrounds

With Custom Photo Booth Backgrounds your photo strips can have a fun border or brand!  Backgrounds are a great way to add even more fun to your photo booth.  We can add almost any border to your photo strips! 

Push your brand even further by adding your brands background to photo strips!  Every photo will advertise for you! 

Personalized Thank You Notes w/ Photo (Coming Soon)

We can get that special photo strip of the night personalized into a thank you note! Let your guests receive a thank you note that shows how much fun you had at your event!

Personalized Scrapbook

Personalized Scrapbooks

We give you a personalized scrapbook FREE with your photo booth rental (depending on which package is purchased). Your scrap book will be filled with precious photos and messages from your special night!

Custom Photo Slide Show

Let us live stream all of your photo booth photos at your event! A custom photo slide show lets your guests see all the photos being taken through a flat screen TV.