Best value

We truly believe that we provide the best service out there for the best price!  Finding a photo booth company who has been in business as long as we have (20+ years), is super rare!  Most companies you'll find on the web are all fairly new, which means they do not have the reputation or experience that we have.   

By choosing us, we can assure you 100% satisfaction and a worry-free, EASY experience with us! 

Our packages are complete, and include a ton of extras!  Our digital photo booth packages start between $700 & $900 and include the following:

  • Delivery & Set-up
  • Digital Photo Booth
  • Unlimited Pictures
  • Duplicate Pictures
  • Attendant (Optional)
  • Color and B&W Photos
  • FREE CD of All Photos
  • FREE Logo on the Photo Strip
  • FREE Scrapbook (depending on package purchased)
  • Free Online Password Protected Gallery
  • Removal
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See prices that are lower than ours?  Remember UNLIMITED photos, a FREE private online photo gallery (where you and guests can download the photos at no charge) are just some of the complimentary items in our packages!   And don't be fooled, by pipe and drape photo booths or other knock offs!  We are offering the REAL deal when it comes to photo booths.
 If you think you've found another company who offers a comprable package for a lower price, simply complete our Free Price Quote Form and we'll see what we can do to either beat or match their pricing! It is hard to beat our packages with all the ammenities above.  Not to mention our technicians and attendants are fully trained and ensure that the photo booth process goes smoothly and the best photos are produced! 

Classic White Photo Booth
Free Scrapbook!
Bride & Groom in photo booth.